Language Service

Due to the complex and highly specific subject matter involved, technical translation is not a easy task. Therefore we work with dedicated and experienced professionals, who is a Native speaker based in Germany ,China, UK, Singapur and so on,  to offer you our language solutions to meet your international communication needs. Your Sucesses is also our Sucesses.

Our core competence:

We, native speakers with engineering studies, social and intercultural competence, will professionally support you for today's complex communications environment. With our professional know-how as well as with the professional experience such as lessons, training courses, seminars or workshops, industry, research we realize individual solutions, on whose success we also measure ourselves.

For Interpretation Service on-site: after receiving your request, we will check with you on their needs and requirements. For reliable support and professional implementation of your project, it is therefore extremely important for us to ensure success from the preparation phase. In addition, we attach great importance to the professional care of their customers, so we are ready to accompany you on your desires partner from the airport in Germany

For Interpretation Service Online or via the phone: please make an appointment with us, at present we use Skype for remote video interpreting.


Our services:

1. Professional Technical Translations

 offer you translations also in the following fields :
  • economic 
  • Markting
  • Legal 
  • medical
2. Interpretation Services
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • workshop Interpreting/training Interpreters
  • Video Remote Interpretation(VRI) including organizations
Language: Chinese, German, English, and so on.